Home Stock Analysis What is happening to First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance ETF ($AIRR)?

What is happening to First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance ETF ($AIRR)?


First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance ETF ($AIRR) opened at 26.8134, with a maximum of 26.9 and a minimum of 26.73 before it is closed at the price of 26.73. There was a total volume of 2930. We have observed a cumulative distribution index of 107,42919, a volume -26,933 on sale, a chaikin flow of 2,9261 and a forced index of 0,12352. There was a motion facility assessment of 0.00394, a volume price trend of 1.42448 and a negative volume index of 1000.0.
We also noted an average range of 0.22785, Bolinger bands of 27.06186, an upper Bollinger band of 26.03514, a lower Bollinger band of 26.73, a high-band indicator Bollinger 1.0, a low-band indicator Bollinger 1.0, a central channel Keltner 26.81447, a channel Keltner high band 26.72787, band Keltner channel bass 26.90107, band Keltner channel indicator high 1.0 and 1.0 low-speed Keltner channel indicator. There was a high 26.73 Band Donchian channel a low band of the channel maybe 26.73, an indicator for the high band of Donchian channel 1.0 and an indicator for the low band of the Donchian channel 1.0.

We calculate a moving average convergence divergence (MACD) to -0.00814 a MACD signal -0.00452, a MACD difference -0.00362, a fast exponential moving average-(EMA) or 26.73 slow exponential moving average-(EMA) or 26.73, an index of the mean directional motion (ADX) or unknown, a positive ADX 20.0, a negative ADX 20.0, a positive indicator swirl (VI) of 1.0, a negative VI of 1.0, a trend vortex difference of 0.69315, a trix of 3.82316, a mass index (MI) of 1.0, a trade channel index (CCI) of -66.66667 a discount oscillator (DPO) or -1.34985, a KST oscillator (KST) or 53.18514 and KST oscillator (signal KST) or 53.18514 (KST left difference -3.57563). We also found a note Ichimoku of 26.8567, a note Ichimoku B 26.8567, a visual trend Ichimoku A 25.72623, a visual trend Ichimoku B 25.87369, an Aroon indicator (AI) of more than 4.0 and an indicator at the bottom 4.0. This left a difference of -4.0.
We found a Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 50.0, a Currency Flow Index (MFI) of 100.0, a True Strength Index (TSI) of 100.0, an ultimate oscillator of 94.18104, a stochastic oscillator of 196.30485, a stochastic oscillator signal of 196.30485, a %% Williams notation of 96.30485 and an impressive oscillator of -0.00103.
There was a daily return of 5.31851, a daily report of -1.36733 and a cumulative report of -1.35802.