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Pokerstars fined because of illegally offering poker

pokerstar fined

The Dutch gaming authority called KSA has imposed a fine of 400,000 euros on TSG Interactive Gaming Europe, the parent company of poker website pokerstars.eu. Offering an online gambling in the Netherlands, such as poker, is only allowed if a licence has been granted for it. This is not the case at the moment.

TSG will be fined because, in 2018 the company explicitly focused on the Dutch consumer, whereas this is prohibited without a licence. The fact that TSG also focuses on Dutch consumers is evidenced by the fact that the website is accessible from the Netherlands, that there is a contact form on pokerstars.eu in Dutch and that the Dutch consumer offered the option of paying with iDEAL.

Two Dutch addiction care organisations are also mentioned on the poker website and the Netherlands is not on a list of countries from which it is not allowed to participate.

In August, the KSA also fined BWIN and Unibet, who also targeted the Dutch market without a licence. Also the participation in gambling services if there is no license for this, is prohibited by Dutch law.