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New York Times reveals that a CIA agent is the whistleblower of Trump’s call

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The whistleblower who is at the origin of a political riot in the United States is an employee of the American intelligence service CIA. At least three anonymous sources say that to The New York Times.

Not much else is known about the CIA agent, except that he worked in the White House for a while. The complaint he filed, which started the case, was made public on Thursday. It shows that he had a great deal of knowledge of American European policy and that he was well informed about Ukrainian politics.

Explanation by the chief editor

The New York Times deliberately ignored that advice. “The role of the whistleblower, including his credibility and his place within the government, is essential for understanding one of the most important issues facing the country: whether the President of the United States has abused power or whether the White House has concealed it”, says editor-in-chief Dean Baquet in the article.

The anonymous whistleblower rang the bell about a telephone call that President Donald Trump made to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenski. The official himself did not listen to the conversation, but says that employees of the White House informed him about the content. The core of the complaint is that Trump allegedly misused the conversation for political purposes.

Trump has tried several times to discredit the story of the whistleblower, among other things by saying that he has “hearsay”. According to Trump, he is almost a spy, as are those who have shared the information with him. The President is supposed to have told the American delegation to the United Nations on Thursday that he wants to know who they are.

“I want to know who is the person who gave the whistleblower the information, because that is almost a spy’, the Los Angeles Times quotes the President on the basis of a recording of the conversation. “Do you know what we used to do when we were smart? Yeah? The spies and betrayal, we handled it a little differently than we do now.”

Trump complains about witch-hunting

Now that an investigation has been started into a possible impeachment of Trump, he also complains on Twitter about “the witch hunt”. He wondered what kind of ‘whistleblower’ there is when this information from third parties, from hearsay, spreads. According to Trump this is again the case of Democrats who, in their “witch hunt”, launch a new story with the help of “the lying media”.

He emphasized that the controversial telephone conversation in July with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenski “went well” and that he didn’t threaten it. The riot over the phone call occurred last Thursday. An anonymous report from someone who had heard of people around Tump led to consternation among Democrats.

Trump is said to have put pressure on Zelenski to investigate the practices of Democratic ex-vice president Biden and his son Hunter Biden in the years surrounding the change of power in 2014. Biden played an important role in the fall of President-elect Viktor Yanukovych in early 2014. A few months later, Biden’s son Hunter was given a highly paid top position at a Ukrainian gas company with no clear tasks.

Ukrainian prosecutor: Hunter Biden did nothing wrong

A former Chief Prosecutor of Ukraine says that the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has not broken any laws in Ukraine. Yuri Loetsenko informs the Washington Post.

Loetsenko stepped down as attorney general at the end of August. His predecessor Viktor Shokin was involved in a corruption investigation into the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, where Hunter took up a top position in 2014. Sjokin was expelled in 2016 under pressure from Joe Biden, who was vice president of America at the time. Partly because he was mainly associated with corruption by the West and the IMF themselves.

According to Giuliani, Hunter was also guilty of corruption, without providing any proof. Loetsenko is now contradicting that. “Hunter Biden cannot be responsible for violations of Burisma’s management that took place two years before he arrived there.