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By 2050, one in 5 cities will have a ‘never before seen’ climate

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A new study that intends to inform us that we aren’t on the ideal path so far as meteorology is concerned and in only 30 years we might be living in a universe that seems nothing like the present one. According to a study published in the journal PLoS ONE conducted by researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich (ETH-Zurich) over 520 cities on the planet, we have to prepare for a substantial increase in temperatures. 77 percent of towns will experience a considerable change in their climate, to the point that 22% of them will encounter climatic conditions which have not been seen on Earth.

In the event of Spain, Madrid is going to have a climate more typical of the existing Marrackech (Morocco), using a mean yearly growth of approximately 2.1 ° C, and a ratio of between 3.1 ° C in the coldest weeks in 6′ 4ºC from the newest. Even though Barcelona, the typical temperature of the entire season is 2.5ºC, which of the warmest month is going to be raised by 3’4ºC and of the coldest will be raised by 2’2ºC. In this manner, temperatures will probably be similar to Adelaide (the capital of Australia).

These aren’t the sole comparatives to emphasize: it’s striking that Stockholm will seem like Budapest, London is going to be the newest Barcelona, and Moscow will probably be similar to Sofia. With this work, the researchers aim to”ease the entire world the understanding of climate change on a global scale and also assist urban leaders and politicians to envision the future climate within their respective cities to ease decision-making.” In Europe alone, the summers will be warmer, roughly 3.5 ° C on average, whereas the winters that the mercury will grow an extra 4’7 ° C. This information demonstrates that in only 3 decades it’s going to be “as though the continent had transferred about 1,000 km to the south.”


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