Ovarian Cancer Cure Finally On The Way? Faulty Gene Is Found By...

Ovarian Cancer Cure Finally On The Way? Faulty Gene Is Found By Researchers


OvarianCancerWomen may finally have been given a major reason to relax and enjoy life as recent reports are stating that a faulty gene has been identified that increases the risk of ovarian cancer more than three-fold.

Generally, cancer is something that scares all women but Ovarian cancer gives the greater scare as it is never discovered on time and when it is discovered, even the surgery needed to take care of it is at a 50-50 survival chance and this is a nightmare.

Recently, this cancer has been found to affect even younger women who are not even married and have never been married and this is starting to be a huge problem to deal with.

Statistics from belfasttelegraph have revealed that “around 18 women in every 1,000 develop Ovarian cancer and around 58 women in every 1,000 who have the mutated BRIP1 gene. The defective gene prevents cells carrying out proper repairs to their DNA, eventually leading to cancer.”

Professor Paul Pharoah, from the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, said about the discovery of this faulty gene that, “Our work has found a valuable piece of the puzzle behind ovarian cancer and we hope that our work could eventually form the basis of a genetic test to identify women at greatest risk. Finding these women will help us prevent more cancers and save lives. This would be important in a disease like ovarian cancer, which tends to be diagnosed at a late stage when the chances of survival are worse.”

This discovery might end up benefiting a lot of women the world over and finally, women can rest easy and not be worried about getting some unwanted cancer that might even end their lives.