Nissan To Recall 930,000 Cars For Faulty Hood Latches

Nissan To Recall 930,000 Cars For Faulty Hood Latches


Nissan Motor is recalling thousands of its mid-size Altima cars as users are having issues with its hood latches, according to Reuters.

This is not the first time the Japanese carmaker is issuing a recall for the Altima to fix the faulty latch issue, as it had previously done so on two previous occasions. Faulty issues can cause the hood of the car to fly open when the Altima is in motion.

On Friday, Nissan announced that it is going to recall 930,000 of its vehicles worldwide that are suffering from the faulty latch problem. Vehicles affected by the problem are the Altima sedan models from 2013 to 2015.

Of the 930,000 cars being recalled by Nissan, 846,000 vehicles are in the United States, 24,894 in Canada and 56,844 in several other parts of the world, according to a spokesperson of the company, Steve Yaeger, per Reuters.

The secondary faulty hood latch issue is apparently due to the incorrect application of the rust coating, which renders the blind to stay unlatched even when the hood is shut. This problem could potentially make the hood fly open suddenly when you are driving the vehicle.

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Friday that 846,000 vehicles in the country would be recalled. The body also said it has received complaints from owners of Altimas whose hoods unexpectedly opened. Altimas accounted for about 25 percent of Nissan’s United States brand sales in 2016.

While Transport Canada in an online posting on Friday said 24,895 vehicles were affected. A Nissan spokesman Steve Yaeger said 58,644 vehicles are being recalled outside North America. No crashes or injuries have been reported related to the recalls, Yaeger was quoted as saying.

The Japanese automaker says its dealers will be fixing the problem as is the case with recalls. It further adds that dealers will be replacing the faulty latch and repair work is anticipated to start next month (February).

Meanwhile, the company said it would notify users of the faulty Altima vehicles, while dealers will replace the hood latch and replace it with a new one starting mid-February.

Nissan has also observed that fixes performed during its previous recalls may not have been consistent enough to get rid of the safety hazard. Nonetheless, with dealers replacing the faulty hood latch with new ones that have an improved coating to evade rusting, owners of the Altima will be able to get a relief.

Nissan adds that the paint on a latch can flake off in time, which could result in the bare metal being exposed. The latches can end up getting rusty, thereby causing the secondary hood latch to remain open.

The carmaker added that previous recalls in 2014 and 2015 saw its dealers adjust the latches as well as the application of lubricants.

Meanwhile on its website, Nissan has updated its website, calling on owners of faulty Altima cars to provide their VIN number to check if there is any specific recalls to their vehicles.