Google Hangouts Now Let You Reply To Messages Without Opening The App

Google Hangouts Now Let You Reply To Messages Without Opening The App


Google-Hangouts-Google-Hangouts-Tips-GoogleGoogle has started rolling out new features for its Hangout app for Android. The new update, which seems to be available to only a few users, but expected to be pushed out to more users soon, bumps the version to 7.0 and adds a couple of new features.

The latest version for Android update adds the new quick reply option to the app. You will now be able to reply directly from notification tab just be hitting the reply button. This new quick reply feature sends the reply without opening the app.

The quick reply feature is one of a few other updates just added by Google, as the app also received a new feature that will allow you to create conversation shortcuts on home screen. You can now create a shortcut by simply selecting the “Save to home screen” option from the overflow menu within conversation with a particular contact and will offer direct access to your conversation, instead of first opening Hangout and then finding or jumping to the conversation. Also worthy of note is the newly added design tweaks, which replace checkboxes, which was included in older version, with toggles.

The update is still not available to a lot of Hangout users across the world; but this is expected to change any moment soon as the company is gradually rolling it out to all users. On Monday, Google also rolled out an update to its Gmail app, which fixed Hotmail sync issue reported in last version of the app.

Some Nexus users had raised questions and complaints about Google sync issues, including the Gmail app at the beginning of January. This prompted a reaction from Google last week where it rolled out the v5.10 for its Gmail app with a fix for a sync issue involving Hotmail accounts. It seems we also haven’t heard the last from the company as reports suggest it might still be working on another bug that restricts Nexus devices from getting notifications about incoming emails.

Responding to some of the complaints made by users on its forum, Google said it was working on the issue, and promised to continue providing updates.

“The team has identified an issue which we believe is contributing to the syncing issue on Nexus devices. It is actively being worked on, and I’ll continue to keep you all updated. In the meantime, please continue to post your experiences and/or if you have found any short-term workarounds,” replied a Google employee.

Also earlier in the month, Google tested its revamped weather card, which now includes new features along with major changes in design and looks. The card in Google Now maximises, and now appears like a full-fledged app. It now allows you to swipe to switch between Today, Tomorrow, and the next 10 days.

“An unexpected snow or rainstorm can put a bit of a damper on your day, so to help keep you dry and ready to take on any weather, we’re introducing an upgraded weather experience on Android phones,” said Lea Stolowicz, Product Manager on the company’s Inside Search blog post.