Facebook Adds Ride-Sharing Feature To Its Events Pages

Facebook Adds Ride-Sharing Feature To Its Events Pages


It looks like world’s largest social networking site Facebook, is gradually following in the footsteps of Uber as it has just added its ride-sharing feature for its Events Page.

Facebook has always been in the news with various updates and changes to stay ahead of its competitors, and it appears that this new feature will see the Mike Zuckerberg-owned social media site take on Uber.

According to a patent application published on Thursday, Facebook could be mulling on the idea if stepping into the ride-sharing field.

This might just be an indication that Facebook is putting its acts together towards its Event pages in an effort to make them more profitable. The new feature will enable Facebook users to organize logistics and help users share cars and look for a travel pal for them to arrive at specific events without stress.

This time around, and unlike the usual, users will soon be encouraged to provide more specific responses rather than the typical Going, Not Going and Interested RSVPs on Events pages.

Users who might by bringing their own cars, would type in the details regarding the number of passengers they could take along, the specific time they are going to depart and if they only want to share the ride with their friends.

Our guess is that Facebook is not only interested in adding some more features to Event pages, but also keen in making the platform a one-stop place where users can do a lot of things. It is also a way of enticing more users to stay on its platform. Past features have seen Facebook try to encourage users to donate to charities to offering live video streaming service.

“Matched users are able to benefit from cost-effective, environmentally friendly and/or social aspects of sharing transportation to the event,” reads the document.

Tech Times reports that to minimize the awkward silence, the app boasts of the ability to match drivers and passengers depending on personal information that include; where you went to school, common passions (e.g., interests in politics, music, restaurant preferences) and more. Users will soon get navigation information to lead them to the pickup locations.

Facebook submitted the patent application back in July 2014, giving us a hint that it had been working on this ride-sharing functionality for quite some time now.

Recall that Facebook teamed up with Uber last December, which makes it possible for users to reserve a car straight from the Messenger app.

Using the popular Facebook Messenger, you will be able to tap a suggested address from a friend or colleague on your smartphone and as soon as you do this, you will be prompted with a request-a-ride option, which comes in the form of those exact words or a car icon that links right to your Uber account.

As soon as a ride has been requested, Facebook says “driver status updates and payment receipts will get delivered to a private conversation between you and Uber” within Messenger.

With this partnership, Uber is offering its users a free ride of up to $20 the first time they use this feature through the Facebook Messenger.